Activex Recovery Shampoo

Step 1 : Activex Recovery Shampoo with clay deep cleanses the skin and coat. It removes the supportive conditions for continued growth of fungus and bacteria.


Activex Recovery Medicated Spray

Step 2 : Activex Recovery Medicated Spray Leave-On is a subsequent treatment designed for daily use, thereby treating and protecting the pet more effectively


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The shampoo was used on one of our dogs with fungus issues. We noticed signs of improvement after just two weeks of treatment, and she seemed to have fully recovered after a month. Shortly after, there was a relapse. Realising there may be fungus present in the environment, we used the Activex wash on the floor, cages, and surrounding areas. She then fully recovered again after 2 weeks of the wash being used.
PAWS Animal Welfare Society, Petaling Jaya