Fungal Infection Symptoms :

• Unpleasant odor • Excessive scratching • Butt scooting • Hair loss • Behavioral changes : depression, loss of appetite and anxiety

If left untreated over sometime, fungal infection extends and the symptoms get worse. This may occur anywhere on your pet's body and may require medical treatment, which will cause more stress to the pet.

Activex Medicated leave on spray for speedy recovery and prevent fungal recurrence should be applied twice a day. Activex recovery Rescue Cream may also be used concurrently as it fortified with anti-fungal agents that will help to relieve itching, moisturise skin, and prevent yeast build up specifically for hot spots.

( Recovery : 2 Months after ActiveX treatment)

Fungal Infection Symptoms :

Activex ® anti fungal program recommends for best results our Deep Cleansing Clay Shampoo (Formulated for sensitive skin). Activex ® Shampoo is specially designed to kill bacteria and fungus. Simply shampoo work in gently and leave the lather on your dog for at least 3 minutes. Additionally the clay in the shampoo will aid to detoxify the skin and coat.

Bacterial & fungal infections tend to be moist and inflamed. Chronic Fungal infections frequently exhibit scaling, crusting, raised lesions and hair loss, as well as unpleasant odour. Activex Anti-fungal & anti-bacteria shampoo will help stop the infection and cleanse the skin easing further irritation without drying out the skin. Dry skin gives your pet unnecessary discomfort

In order to rule out an underlying cause, you should also take your pet to the vet to be examined and treat as recommended.

Activex shampoo should be applied once weekly. The pet should be made wet, then the shampoo applied and foamed up. It must soak on the skin for a MINIMUM of 3 minutes. At the end of the 3minutes the shampoo must be thoroughly rinsed off.